Let’s meet in the garden, the elders they speak

Of memories of good things we once sought to seek

A bounty of wisdom, a harvest so deep

Let’s meet in the garden, and share what we reap


Looking back at the age-old struggle to protect the natural world, from the Charter of the Forest and the creation of the Commons, to our current era, the Anthropocene, when our extraction and burning of fossil fuels has led us to the precipice, it’s easy to despair at our lack of progress and in truth our regression.

As author Naomi Klein describes it in her new book This Changes Everything, our chances of slowing down the effects of climate change to a level that would at least give us an opportunity for a liveable future are dwindling fast.  Unless we do the unimaginable: completely reimagine our economic system which is at the root of our social and environmental malaise.  It is literally capitalism (so-called as it’s currently defined) versus the environment.

Klein argues that the vital task of tackling climate change is just the transformative moment we need to simultaneously redress the associated issues of economic inequality and social injustice, all of which are becoming existentially worse in this untimely “new spirit of the age: gain wealth, forgetting all but self”.

As a catalyst for change, climate change does indeed change everything.







The songbird sang sweetly, ‘slow down not so fast

your greed will undo you, illusions don’t last’


‘Oh you flatter yourselves, you of clever design

so processed and packaged, polished and primed’


‘Don’t you remember the simple the sane?

Or dancing between raindrops in a warm summer rain?’


‘Close your eyes and just listen, my song is for you

let’s wander the forest and imagine anew’




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