Where the river flows through silent veils

In the sheltered forest her spirits rise


On hidden waters and forgotten trails

Beneath the shade of sacred skies


In the silence we heed her hails

For ancient wisdom in peaceful guise



Evergreens and earthly gardens by the shores of whisper creek

Where sacred waters ebb and flow, ancient wistful deep

They call to us beneath the trees as nature softly speaks

In the forest of secret muse, so ancient wistful deep


One with the forest that drinks of the lake

One with the lake that whispers to the sky

One with the sky that shelters the waters

One with the earth that shelters us all


Love is the way the earth declares

Upon the morning breeze

Shining softly in gentle light

Beneath the wisdom trees


An earthen brush to touch the sky

Concedes the night with weary eyes

As shadow spirits begin to rise

To paint the dawn of no disguise