Feeling the earth beneath our feet

While the fading light she clings

Breathing her nectar so subtle and sweet

In the silence that softly sings


Mother earth her solace has no time for deceit

For the lessons her wisdom brings

At peace in the garden of earthly retreat

In this silence that softly sings



The trees whisper secrets

In the silent woods

Voices of mother earth

Under ancient skies


The eagle descends

In the silent woods

Watcher and keeper

Lofty and wise


The waters speak sonnets

In the silent woods

Of words left unspoken

That teach us no lies



All is quiet on whisper lake

As moonbeams rise in the fading light

Between the shadows the spirits awake

Upon the journey into the night



Deep in the forest

Where stars shine so bright

Not far from the embers

That glow in the night


Like moths to the flame

We gather to learn

What fools never fathom

The wisest will yearn


But speak not a word

For words would not do

Mother earth beckons softly

Her silence is true



With ancient stones still aglow in the daylight descending, he lit the fire and breathed the night air.  And in the calm of the moment, he surrendered to the woods, and the woods answered him in kind, granting those elusive gifts, self-awareness and peace of mind.



In the light of the absurd and immoral depths to which our species willingly descend to obscure reason, defile the earth to achieve power for its own sake, subjugating all living impediments opposing this myopic pursuit, building impenetrable institutions that deny truth and justice, designed to exalt and protect the smallest minds among us behind their gated walls and nonsensical litigious fictions serving only the material world on the hamster wheel of our endless human parade…

I wonder, perhaps in retrospect it would have been wiser to be satisfied with the discovery of fire, and left well enough alone.



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