Simple are the quiet moments

Woven in the sun

When the forest rests, stars awake

And the rivers softly run


Simple are these sacred moments

When the daylight is done

This tapestry of natures’ song

Woven in the sun


Ever long is winter’s song, along forgotten trails

Bold and sweet is spring’s conceit, awakes from her travails

Warm and wise are nature’s eyes, as summer skies unveil

In a place where wisdom awaits and mother earth prevails


Gentle winds caressing

The fading evening light

When nature speaks her silent muse

And whispers to the night


All is quiet on the lake

Peaceful wistful wise

As nature reaps her silent muse

Beneath the harvest skies


Wisdom trees speak to the waters below

Spirits of the forest together they rise

Evergreen whispers in misty morning glow

Awakens as one into sacred skies


Deep in the forest the woodlands they sleep

With dreams of summer fields sheltered beneath

Within winters’ solitude her promise to keep

These dreams of summer fields sheltered beneath


In the garden of morning light

Mother earth she speaks as one

From break of day to dark of night

We are shadows in the sun


There’s peace in the woods in the valley of dusk

Of evergreen breeze the scent of divine

The forest embraces the solace of night

As moonlight she waits to cast her shine