The mist is rising

On the path ahead

Upon wayward sails

Of souls misled


The earth she whispers

Words to the wise

To remember the sacred

And open our eyes


In the future before us

On the path ahead

Only fools speak hatred

Speak love instead


For My Father (1933-2017)


Whisper waters dance in the misty moonlight glow

Sharing secrets to the night between the ebb and flow

Embrace me closer, be not afraid, speaks wisdom from below

Through the forest of ancient muse, upon the river we go


Mother earth is calling

Our time has come

No room to deny

What has been done


While dancing like fools

We smile for naught

Blinded by illusions

Our follies have wrought


But truth is before us

If we listen in kind

Mother earth is calling

With wisdom to find


Wisdom trees speak to the waters below

Spirits of the forest together they rise

Evergreen whispers in misty morning glow

Awakens as one into sacred skies