Deep in the forest of moonlit skies

Shadows dancing to the fire

Silence she sings into the night

Songs of mother earth, nature’s choir


As summer beckons beneath the trees

Earth and sky together as one

Scent of evergreens on the breeze

Softly swaying in the sun


Feeling the earth beneath our feet

While the fading light she clings

Breathing her nectar so subtle and sweet

In the silence that softly sings


Nature her solace, has no time for deceit

With the lessons her wisdom brings

At peace in the garden of earthly retreat

In this silence that softly sings


Just a walk through the forest

On a warm summers day

With blue skies and gentle breeze

Dancing through the trees


There’s none wiser

Than silence that speaks

Spoken in whispers

Ancient and deep


In quiet reflection

We find what we seek

Whispers the wisdom

Of silence that speaks


Morning echoes across the lake

Sounds of songbirds her woodland chimes

Shadows surrender the forest awakes

And weaves her timeless tranquil rhymes


Blue skies and summer fields

Fills the soul like gentle breeze

Through nature’s eyes she’ll reveal

This sacred stillness beneath the trees