We are one among many, not one above all

No masters of all things audacious and small


Yet we flatter ourselves we of clever design

So processed and packaged, polished and primed


But under the trees lie the roots of true worth

Steeped in her wisdom, bound deep to the earth






In a world driven faster by minds made too small

No rest for the weary the dreary banal


Must the earth tremble, resigned to her fate

While we wander in circles no time for debate


But love lives in nature, our true clarion call

Through the trees lives a light that shines above all




Here in the woods

Where the wisest things grow

From the roots of mother earth

To the seeds that we sow


But how far into the forgotten

Have we gone so long ago?

As twilight casts its shadows

On the wayward ones below


While mother earth whispers wisdom

For all who need to know

That it’s here in the woods

Where the wisest things grow


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