Deep in the forest when nature speaks

Gentle the wisdom the wisest will reap


Beneath rolling thunder when nature speaks

Echoes of mother earth, in silence she weeps


But spring waters beckon when nature speaks

Awakes from her slumber with wonders to seek



With fading light still aglow as daylight descends

The waters whispered follow me, together we’ll transcend

Light your fires, embrace the night, and I’ll answer you in kind

On the river of silent muse, adrift in peace of mind



Tender is the autumn breeze

That speaks in muted tones

Wisest is the one who sees

We are together not alone


In eyes of nature bold and bright

We learn from she who knows

As spirits kiss the morning light

Through the garden of sweet repose




We witness her beauty with eyes that won’t see

What was and what is, and what ought to be


Nature our teacher, from the roots to the tree

Plundered for profit, what she gives us for free


But on the horizon with eyes that must see

What was and what is, and what ought to be




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