In a world driven faster by minds made too small

No rest for the weary, the dreary banal


Must the earth tremble, resigned to her fate

While we wander in circles no time for debate


But love lives in nature, our true clarion call

Through the trees lives a light that shines above all




I’m the sound of harmony

Dancing on the breeze

Between kisses of morning light

Under lofty trees


I’m the quiet of the river

Of water and stone

The seeds of mother earth

Scattered and sown


I’m the spirit of the woods

That harbors no lies

In moonlight surrender

Beneath peaceful skies



Woven in harmonies from the earth to the sky

Dancing in sunlight beneath natures’ eyes

Lofty in wonders, weathered and wise

Weaving a wisdom our follies can’t buy



Embrace me closer whispers the wise

The earth is calling her spirits arise

Deep in the forest beyond the disguise

Let’s tend to the garden beneath harvest skies