Across sacred waters

Rising from her sleep

With wonders to be written

And mysteries to seek



It’s a rare dawn that speaks sublime

When earth is calling to hear her rhyme

Of peaceful wonders, a moment in time

With natures’ song that speaks sublime


Tender is the autumn breeze

That speaks in peaceful tones

Wisest is the one who sees

We are as one, not alone


In eyes of nature bold and bright

We learn from she who knows

Through the garden of morning light

That whispers sweet repose


Gently whispers the hidden light

In the garden of evening song

Peaceful vistas into the night

By the lake where we belong


If we could fill the sky with answers

Why we heave a heavy sigh

To stars that guide us through the night

Their wisdom we deny


If we could fill the sea with remedy

Peaceful thoughtful free

No mindless illusions, disaster confusion

As far the eyes can see


If we could move us forward down the line

On the sacred path of time

Scatter our burdens to the wind

And redeem a sense of rhyme