We witness her beauty with eyes that won’t see

What was and what is, and what ought to be


Nature our teacher, from the roots to the tree

Plundered for profit, what she gives us for free


But on the horizon with eyes that must see

What was and what is, and what ought to be



There’s beauty in the forest

The sound of songbird sings

Sonnets in a clear blue sky

Of lessons nature brings


As mother earth ponders silent

What have my children wrought?

Beneath the stars of lofty gaze

Is my wisdom all for naught?


But in the forest by the creek

The truth of nature flows

Sowing seeds of peace and love

To learn from she who knows



The trees whispered softly, all is one not asunder

Bathed in the sunshine of her deep breath wonder


Light your fires she declares, and transcend fading light

For yesterday was dawn, today is night



If we could fill the sky with answers

Why we heave a heavy sigh

To stars that guide us through the night

Their wisdom we deny


If we could fill the sea with remedy

Peaceful thoughtful free

No mindless illusions, disaster confusion

As far the eyes can see


If we could move us forward down the line

On the path of space and time

Scatter our burdens to the wind

And redeem a sense of rhyme



Let’s paint the night with sacred light

Between the earth and sky

Let’s greet the dawn to see anew

And learn through nature’s eyes




All is quiet on whisper lake

As moonbeams rise in the fading light

Between the shadows the spirits awake

Upon the journey into the night



Sunbeams dancing through the trees

Behold her mysteries unveil

As nature wanders the gentle breeze

Along the wisdom trail


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