Evergreens and earthly gardens by the shores of whisper creek

Where sacred waters ebb and flow, ancient wistful deep

They call to us beneath the trees as nature softly speaks

In the forest of secret muse, so ancient wistful deep



Tender is the autumn breeze

That speaks in muted tones

Wisest is the one who sees

We are together not alone


In eyes of nature bold and bright

We learn from she who knows

As spirits kiss the morning light

Through the garden of silent repose



In silent moments and sacred places

The waters whisper to evergreen skies

Where nature paints between the spaces

A harvest of wisdom that never lies




‘Do our roots no longer nourish them’, said the forest to the tree, ‘do their hands no longer touch the sky, do eyes no longer see?’

‘Do our waters no longer whisper’, said the river to the stream, ‘do their ears no longer hear the wind, do minds no longer dream?’

‘My children no longer listen’, said the earth to the sky, as moonbeams pondered lightly, adrift in hue and cry

But from the earth our love was born, she teaches us to learn, and to the earth, until we mourn, our love it must return



Summer waters whisper beneath the woodland trail

Far away woods we wander, her mysteries unveil

The lessons of yesterday, long forgotten and aloof

That love lives in nature, in nature lives truth



Those elusive places to free your mind

Dance on the margins of the pages

Like living memories we leave behind

So wistful sweet, hallowed and ageless


Are here by the lake, woven in time

In the waters and moonlight sages

These harbors of nature, these masters of rhyme

So wistful sweet, hallowed and ageless


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