Blue skies and summer fields

Fills the soul like gentle breeze

Through nature’s eyes she’ll reveal

This sacred stillness beneath the trees


The stars shone like faraway eyes

Caressing the night her eternal gaze

Summer’s retreat is autumn’s rise

The yearning wisdom of future days


Days of giving the garden that feeds

Sacred is the rising dawn

New ears to hear new eyes to see

This yearning wisdom of autumn’s song


It’s sundown in the forest

The earth beholds the day

Greets the night in fading light

No illusions to betray


In the sacred hour

The earth she speaks no lies

Beside the fire we hear the choir

Under the ember skies


Across sacred waters

Rising from her sleep

With wonders to be written

And mysteries to seek


Beneath the bluest of skies

We close our eyes

And listen to the forest

On a thoughtful winter’s day


Nature’s light shone bright

Cascading through the trees

Between evergreen shadows

On a wistful winter’s day


With sunlight descending

A stillness never ending

Fulfilled in the solitude

On a peaceful winter’s day


Nurture my heart into the night

Feel my spirit upon the breeze

Sow my soul on the river of truth

And scatter my song to the seven seas