The mist is rising

On the path ahead

Upon wayward sails

Of souls misled


The earth she whispers

Words to the wise

To remember the sacred

And open our eyes


In the future before us

On the path ahead

Only fools speak hatred

Speak love instead





Beneath the vastness of lofty spaces

The waters whisper to earthen skies

While silence speaks in sacred places

Upon the lake her spirits rise




‘Do our roots no longer nourish them’

Said the forest to the tree

‘Do their hands no longer touch the sky

Do eyes no longer see?’


‘Do our waters no longer whisper’

Said the river to the stream

‘Do their ears no longer hear the wind

Do minds no longer dream?’


‘My children no longer listen’

Said the earth to the sky

As moonbeams pondered lightly

Adrift in hue and cry


But from the earth our love was born

She teaches us to learn

And to the earth until we mourn

Our love it must return



The poetry of nature

Reaches the sky

Sun kissed weathered wonders

We dare not deny


So many things to discover

From the roots of mother earth

Etched in lines of wisdom

Her teachings of true worth




In the garden of morning light

Mother earth she speaks as one

From break of day to dark of night

We are shadows in the sun



If we could fill the sky with answers

Why we heave a heavy sigh

To stars that guide us through the night

Their wisdom we deny


If we could fill the sea with remedy

Peaceful thoughtful free

No mindless illusions, disaster confusion

As far the eyes can see


If we could move us forward down the line

On the sacred path of time

Scatter our burdens to the wind

And redeem a sense of rhyme