You can’t lead the world to water

You can’t even make it think

While deep is this chalice of wonder

Yet shallow is the cup that we drink


But beyond our flights of fancy

Behind our echoes of hollow conceit

Awaits the garden of wonder

From this chalice so wise and deep





In a world driven faster by minds made too small

No rest for the weary the dreary banal


Must the earth tremble, resigned to her fate

While we wander in circles no time for debate


But love lives in nature, our true clarion call

Through the trees lives a light that shines above all




The wandering spirits of water and stone

Flow through the forest of sacred unknown

Bound to her wisdom, scattered and sown

These wandering spirits of water and stone




Let’s meet in the garden, the elders they speak

Of memories of good things we once sought to seek

A bounty of wisdom, a harvest so deep

Let’s meet in the garden, and share what we reap


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