The current or modern political maxim:  don’t think big, think petty.  Be petty.  Perhaps this is nothing new, although it could be argued that over the past several decades political discourse has degraded itself to nonsensical sound bites emanating from anyone with an attitude, a shirt and a tie.  The world driven by the smallest minds with the biggest mouths.  The art of learning and thinking is fading away, in favor of instant easy to swallow sources of information requiring no scrutiny since it arrived on my twitter page from the usual reliable sources.  Twitter is so fitting a name for the modern communications juggernaut, given that it encourages discussion and debate with as much depth as a bird bath.  Tweet tweet!  The term tweet now a verbal proxy meaning made stupid.  Corporate news networks, whose existence and purpose are to sell advertising, using the voice of Darth Vader to declare them ‘most trusted’.  You’d expect this might be the work of a clever satirist, but instead it’s the real forum of modern discussion regarding political and cultural issues.  The dig at twitter could easily be expanded to other similar technologies like Facebook.  Although they do represent positive ways to facilitate connecting people in an unprecedented fashion, they also encourage the trend toward making people less relevant by oversimplifying ideas.  There is no room or appreciation for subtleties anymore. No one manages the time to read books.  To even suggest it is to offend the  ‘serious’  people who watch CNN or only marginally worse, FOX.  This trend toward pettiness is like a run away train, difficult to stop in an atmosphere where speed is encouraged and ignorance a virtue.  I suppose the only antidote is to not be petty when possible, and instead focus on expansive discussion of issues that excludes the corporate reactionaries that fill the broadcast bird baths of our time.