Yesterday’s health care summit between Obama and the GOP machine was what I expected.  On the one hand you had an occasionally long-winded yet factually correct Obama attempting to be the adult in the room and on the other hand the sometimes snarky and often fact free Republican members presenting an uninspired but unified opposition.  The sometimes interesting MSNBC pundits had their own version however in the post summit analysis.  They testified how amazingly prepared the Republicans were, indeed a great deal more than the Democrats or how especially rude Obama was towards John McCain, aka Dr. No.  Most of these observations came from Chuck Todd, the resident poll master.  He even went so far as to claim how surprised he was that Obama and McCain were not great buddies and where oh where did things go wrong.  Give me a break.  No, give us all a break.  Once again witness the elite pundit class doing what they do best, which is to say create a false narrative that drives the car down a road with a big red sign that says wrong way

For a refreshing antidote, read Paul Krugman’s’ analysis of the summit.  His social calculus, as usual, adds up.  As regards to the spot on video (Liam Show/Drama34 production – See youtube for more info)  in this post:

‘Some of this language offends me.’

‘Really?  Why?’

‘Because it’s offensive.’

‘But that is precisely why it ought to be used…’