10.  People who first claim that the lyrics of ‘O Canada’ must be changed to reflect gender neutrality, then scrap it by bravely stepping in to stop those crazy people who want to change the lyrics of ‘O Canada’ to reflect gender neutrality because it’s a crazy idea.  Crazy.

9.     People who place ‘inspirational’ thoughts on their church parking lot billboards like god answers knee mails.  Oh god, please…

8.     People in bands that dress as though they were the second coming of Black Sabbath but play like a bad Barry Manilow cover band.  Speaking of insincerity…  

7.     People who are way overpaid to give speeches about nothing in particular and about things they hardly understand to people who drink cool aid by the gallon.  You betcha!

6.     People who didn’t laugh out loud at the Eric Massa Glenn Beck comedy hour the other night.  That’s gold Jerry, gold!

5.     People who take their cats to pet psychiatrists.  Believe me:  the cat would do a better job diagnosing you.

4.     People who think Pluto is worried whether or not we call it a planet.  It isn’t.  It’s just ticked off we called it Pluto. 

3.     People heading the U.S. Supreme Court who render decisions seemingly without considering the practical real life consequences. 

2.     People heading the U.S. Supreme Court who render decisions deliberately steeped in conservative ideology.

1.     People who don’t admire Sarah Silverman’s’ excellent suggestion that the Vatican be sold and the proceeds applied towards eliminating child poverty.  But I keep the change.