10.  That Sarah Palin is a fully indoctrinated cool aid dispenser?

9.     That the show 24 is an extreme sacrifice upon the alters of irrationality and fear?

8.     What you actually know would fit on the head of a pin?  What you think you know, however, could fill the known universe.

7.     The more you know and understand, the less ‘American’ you seem to some people?

6.     That modern journalism is distracted?  No, kidnapped… I’m sorry; I’m told it’s on vacation and not allowed to be taken out of context.

5.     That when David Frum finally made several honest and substantively revealing statements about the state of the current GOP and its subservient relationship to the Fox Network, he is punished?  Lesson:  Truth sometimes hurts.

4.     The truth sometimes hurts?  Experiment:  Try revealing the true nature of the current GOP and its long-standing relationship to the Republican public relations company also known as Fox ‘news’ Network, and see what happens.  Then cancel your subscription to The National Post.

3.     That certain political pundits pose questions to their guests that are ten times longer than any possible answers?  ‘No I’ve never noticed that, you’re wrong, your observation has too many moving parts, answer my question, am I right or wrong…’ What?  ‘Ha!’ What??  ‘HA!’

2.    That it doesn’t necessarily take all kinds, there simply are all kinds…

1.    That people are too busy to notice anything?  Yeah, I’ve noticed that too.