Arizona has decided to drive their car down the wrong road, a road with a big red sign that says Wrong Way.  Just this past week they signed a law empowering police to stop anyone they suspect of being in the state illegally to demand they provide documentation to prove otherwise.  The presumed intention is to curtail illegal immigration but the obvious consequences will include racial profiling, intimidation and a general mistrust between law enforcement and certain communities within the state.  I would bet that a significant number of police officers are not happy with the prospect of enforcing this new law, since they know good relations with the population are an essential part of doing their jobs effectively.  And it’s just wrong on so many levels.  Imagine walking down the street minding your own business and suddenly being stopped by police while they insist on seeing your birth certificate, and since you don’t routinely carry it with you, you get to hear those words  ‘You’re under arrest…’.  Historically speaking, remind you of anything?

Rachel Maddow takes a closer look at this law and in particular those responsible for writing it.  What she finds is startling.  It seems clear to me this law represents nothing less than an anathema to free society, so lets hope cooler heads prevail.