Amnesty International has released a report critical of Canada’s human rights record and indicates the eroding position of Canada within the global community, specifically in the areas of aboriginal rights as well as post-911 hot potatoes like Omar Khadr.  It seems to me this has been a long time in the making, although the last several years has seen an acceleration of the policies leading to this report.  It’s no secret that the new Canadian sensibility has permitted a style of governance that tolerates behaviour that ten years ago would seem unthinkable, which without a scintilla of irony, coincides with the dark period otherwise known as the Bush-Cheney years.  Why our current electorate would want to embrace what the Americans have attempted to reject with their election of Obama is a mystery.  One must assume that a paranoid and fearful population is more likely to join the herd of independent minds willing to stampede the ballot boxes for the Harper conservatives.

To quote the AI’s report via the Toronto Sun :

“The historical role that Canada has played in terms of international institutions as a champion of human rights is wearing thin because of our inability to address a number of issues raised,” he said. “There’s a real concern that Canada is rapidly losing its prominence as a key spokesperson on international human rights issues – and that’s a critical loss for the world community, and that’s a critical loss for Canadian citizens.”

Oh waiter, check please…