10.  People who disagree with you not on the basis of honest disagreement, but rather argument for argument’s sake.  I guess that’s the result of not learning to think for yourself…

9.     People who still enjoy listening to ‘Mustang Sally’ from their favorite movie The Commitments.  Where is Lady Gaga when you need her?

8.     People who listen to Lady Gaga.  Where is Pantera when you need them…?   

7.     People who are taller than me.  What’s up with that?

6.     People who don’t praise the movie Bob Roberts as the sadly prophetic characterization of what modern politics has become.

5.     People who smile with child-like and hopeful anticipation when the phrase ‘President Palin’ is uttered.  I’m sorry, which is it:  Are you on drugs or just in need of drugs?

4.     People who hang large murals of Buddha on their walls.  You remember Buddha don’t you?  He’s the much celebrated advocate of sarcastic communication.  Tsk tsk

3.     People who don’t envy Stephen Harper’s hair.  I mean, look at it!  Its perfection is rivaled only by his flawless portrayal of Caesar Augustus.    

2.     People not smart enough to realize it’s ok not be the smartest person in the room.

1.     People who are smart but nonetheless look down on those still brave enough to ask questions about the things that interest them.  Where’s Buddha when you need him?