Without trying to sound dramatic, it’s fair to say that a state that ignores the welfare of its own citizens is a state disinterested in its own long term survival.

Watching the latest debacle between Obama and the current Republican led Congress over the raising of the debt ceiling leaves the viewer with a clear indication in which direction the U.S. is going.  And to avoid any illusions, understand from what position President Obama wishes to govern.  To describe him as liberal or Democratic is to delude oneself into believing what is manifestly untrue.  He is, at best, a Republican.  And worse, as Paul Krugman describes, one who surrenders.

To avoid potential default as well as political blowback from the most extreme and reactionary elements within Congress, they are poised to pass a bill that seeks to massively scale back what’s described as ‘entitlement’ programs like Medicare and other social safety net programs, while at the same time provide significant increases to the country’s already bloated military budget.  Meanwhile, there is no plan within the bill to increase revenues through taxation, as in taxing the wealthiest Americans who already enjoy enormously disproportionate tax benefits ordinary people couldn’t even dream of.

It seems the social contract, such as it is, is yet another casualty of war.

To depict this as a balanced solution to U.S. economic woes, as Obama has, is to admit to swallowing the blue pill.  Since mainstream media, punditry and the current U.S. President live on a steady supply of those blue pills courtesy of the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry and anyone else with eight or more zeros after their name, one must seek analysis elsewhere: