Flipping through the recipe book of early morning news choices today made me want to ask:  can I have my Gravol now?

The menu included MSNBC’s Morning Joe helping Dick Cheney sell his new head exploding book with the following Q&A:

Joe:  Some of your former colleagues have suggested that overnight you changed from the moderate Republican in the room to Darth Vader. Did you find this transition difficult?

Cheney:  Well, no.  In fact, the transition was an easy one…

And then on to CBC’s Heather Hiscox asking Kevin O’Leary what he thought of the revelation that most of the top CEOs received millions more in bonuses than their corporations paid out in taxes this past year, some getting tax refunds in the hundred million dollar range.  In essence:

Heather:  Hi Kevin, your thoughts on this?

Kevin:  It’s a good thing.  CEOs deserve their bonuses, they should in fact pay no taxes, and governments never create jobs.

Heather:  Thank you Kevin, always great to hear your insights!

God help us.  In any case, here is Chris Hedges with an analysis of current events as well as the meaning of the Obama brand.