The History Channel used to be a place where scholars and documentary film makers discussed, believe it or not, history.   But since that’s apparently not enough to capture the imagination of viewers and advertisers, they’ve decided to re-invent themselves as the home for so-called reality TV and pseudo science with shows that follow the historically significant exploits of bush pilots and truck drivers to the hysterical ravings of, wait for it, ‘ancient astronaut theorists’.  I love that phrase.

To illustrate, after reading today’s edition of Truthdig, the online magazine worth everyone’s’ time to read, I came across this great video explaining the recent fascination with 2012 end of the world scenarios, a topic of great concern to the people who program content on the History Channel.

Now, if the Mayans had somehow mentioned something about the prospects for the upcoming 2012 U.S.Presidential election, then I think that would be worth a human sacrifice. Or two…