10.  People who serve as celebrity business pundits for the CBC and, for instance, ride in the back of limousines complaining about being a member of the ‘have nots’ while advocating the toxic notion that ‘greed is good’.  Good for whom?

9.  People who call themselves ‘Ancient  Astronaut  Theorists’.  Is that like calling me a ‘Commodity Futures Analyst’?

8.  The Canadian media which uses the occurrence of the rapidly melting ice on the Arctic Ocean to gleefully celebrate the bright potential future for the arctic tourism industry.  How do you say ‘delusional’ in journalism speak?  Answer: Ethical oil.

7.  People who watch the 1969 debate between William F. Buckley Jr. and Noam Chomsky and conclude: ‘Buckley destroyed Chomsky.  He should have smashed him in the god damned face!’  How do you say ‘delusional’ in Ivy League speak?  Answer: “There is an observable distinction by intelligent men…”

6.  People who are entertained by any show entitled ‘the real housewives’ of wherever.  Wouldn’t it be more fun to just have your leg hopelessly trapped under a large rock forcing you to amputate it with a pair of rusty garden shears while reading the editorial section of  The Globe and Mail?  I thought so.

5.  People who are taller than me.  I still don’t get that…

4.  People who were surprised to learn that the recent observances for the Titanic Centennial referred to an actual historic event and not just a movie called Titanic.  How do you say ‘delusional’ in current popular lingo?  Answer:  Ancient  Astronaut Theorists.

3.  People like the author Will Durant who said ‘Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance’.  Oh sure, tell that to an Ancient  Astronaut  Theorist.

2.  People who only see beauty in nature when they are sufficiently shielded from it.  How do you say ‘delusional’ in consumerism land?  Answer: The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

1.  People who don’t appreciate the comedy potential of a new reality show entitled ‘The Real Theoretical Ancient Housewives vs. The Crocodile Trucking Swamp Loggers’.  How do you say ‘delusional’ in TV speak?  Answer: The History Channel.