That the greatness of great writers offers no immunity against inartful thinking…  Don’t tell Christopher Hitchens (RIP).

That tattoos are rather like post-it notes for people with very bad memories?

That “the Earth has enough to support everyone’s’ needs, not everyone’s’ greed”?  Occupy that.

That bacon double cheeseburgers taste really great and if you eat a lot of them you get fat?  Oh yeah it’s true.

That being an expert in syntax doesn’t always mean you have something interesting to say?  Don’t tell Tony Robbins.  On second thought, maybe somebody should…

Those two ducks on my front lawn?  Careful, I think they’re sleeping.

That some people are actually taller than me?  The nerve I say!

That if Nietzsche had a steady girlfriend his writings would not have been half as interesting (or erroneous)?  On the other hand he would have been much happier and god might still be alive.

That most people are simply too busy to notice anything?  Not that you’d notice.

That the higher you ascend on the economic ladder the lower you descend on the intellectual ladder?  Don’t tell Mitt Romney.  Oh hell, go ahead tell him…