One usually assumes just as time moves forward, so does democracy, openness and enlightened discourse.  It is a bad assumption.

As the Vancouver Sun reports, we now have scientists from the Council of Canadians having to march on Ottawa to draw attention to the governments’ censorship and marginalization of science education.  I guess mainstream journalists were too busy speculating on the reality of Vancouver housewives, among other pressing issues of comparable importance, to highlight this unprecedented event.

As the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Environment Dr. Scott Findlay describes it: “death of Evidence is a cause for national mourning.”

He goes on to say “…the public hears and sees only information that supports federal government policy or ideology. That’s not evidence, that’s propaganda.”

And to conclude with another flash of clarity, let’s be honest:  Canada’s’ cultural institutions are proceeding to a historic nadir.

‘Move along people, nothing to see here…’