Speaking of U.S. Presidential politics, obviously much of the focus has been on the recent economic woes experienced by the bottom ninety-nine percent of the population and what to do about it.

While in theory each political party claims to approach the issue from opposing frameworks of understanding, both the Republicans and President Obama share one inexplicable thing in common:  their love of Ronald Reagan.  It’s unclear whether Obama includes in his affection Reagan’s’ juvenile Ayn Randian obsession, but one assumes he doesn’t, at least when the cameras are around.  (cough)

Nevertheless it might be a good idea to really recognize how the economy currently works (Reaganomics), how the candidates wish it to continue working (Reaganomics), and the macroeconomic nature of Reaganomics as understood by its creators:



Just in case, perhaps it’s not too late to organize a nationwide program of abstention.

Just a thought.