If you haven’t already been following the story of the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA, you might want to check out Chris Hedges describing his lawsuit opposing it and the Obama administrations’ decision to appeal the recent ruling which stated that part of the bill was in fact unconstitutional and should be repealed.  The parts in question allowed the U.S. military to arrest and detain individuals for as long as they wanted without legal representation if they decided they were terrorists or associated with terrorists.

The vague phrase ‘associated with’ was the problematic part since writers, dissidents and journalists could be swept up within such language and the government lawyers refused to exempt them from the effects of this law.

Hedges and others initiated the lawsuit since they recognized it erased two hundred years of legal precedent and the rule of law.  Ominously, it’s seen by many as an attempt to quietly make legal the incarceration of anyone who opposes government policy or is seen as a threat, which would include many within last years Occupy movements and beyond.

The current trajectory of the lawsuit could very well take it to the Supreme Court.  It is an unprecedented over-reach by the U.S. government and a very important story to know and follow.