When politicians speak, it’s wise to take a moment to consider what their words actually mean.  As we’ve all experienced, the failure to do this exposes our intelligence to empty platitudes and outright propaganda which does nothing but waste our time.  On the other hand, once you decode the language revealing the real intent behind the words, you’ll be in a better position to appreciate where you stand in relation to a particular candidate.

To wit:


Jobs = Corporate profits

Special interest groups = The majority of the population

Activist judges = Judges who apply the rule of law

Justice = Injustice

Folks = People they wish to appeal to for political reasons but in reality are considered superfluous.

The American people = Wall Street speculators

Hard working Americans = Underpaid Chinese factory workers

Democracy = Oligarchy

The middle class = People making at least 250 thousand dollars a year

Moving the economy forward = Further deregulation of Wall Street

The pursuit of happiness = Yale country club – member in good standing

The need to rein in big government = meaningless, since most who say it understand that big business relies on big government to bail them out when things go terribly awry

Fiscal responsibility = Growth of concentrated private capital and the expansion of public austerity

Global warming or climate change = Gaffe.  No politician would intentionally use these words in public

“Corporations are people my friend…” = A rare and candid moment when a politician strays only slightly off message revealing what’s actually on their mind in front of real people.  Also known as a gaffe…