While you wouldn’t know it from watching the news here in Canada, the annual U.N. Climate Change Conference began this Monday in Doha, Qatar and will end this Friday December 7, 2012.  The purpose of these conferences is to achieve consensus among participating nations about the reality of climate change, and to forge strategies and agreements on how much to decrease greenhouse gas emissions thereby mitigating the effects of global warming.  The Canadian government, on the other hand, sees them as another opportunity to obstruct progress and consensus on the environment, a topic for which they have no shortage of contempt.

To avoid any confusion regarding Canada’s precipitous international reputation on environmental issues, here is Green Party leader Elizabeth May reading the Doha global environmental group’s newsletter, and their statement addressing Canada’s official attempts at blocking any progress at the conference:

“Dear Canada,

We know you are still technically allowed in the Kyoto room but please don’t touch that microphone.  When you jumped ship on the first Kyoto Protocol term as it hit the home stretch you drowned what little credibility you had left.  As a matter of principle you, Canada, should sit silently in the back like the bad kid in the class who has been told to be quiet until they learn how to behave.”

How nice.

In case there are any Canadians left who may be weary of wall to wall coverage of the hockey lockout or the royal family, please tune into Democracy Now! for daily coverage of the Doha conference.