Can I ask you something?


Is it true you have tougher gun laws up in Canada?

Yeah we do.  Unfortunately, as you’d expect, we have more than our share of problems too, but for the general population we have fairly strict rules governing who can own them as well as mandatory safety courses.  I think we have a broad licensing process too.

That makes no sense to me.

How so?

Everyone needs a gun, otherwise how do you defend yourself? 

Against whom?

Against people with guns.

But that’s the point.  If fewer people had guns, the need to defend yourself against people with guns, is less.  The goal should be to reduce violence and fear, not enhance it.

But doesn’t more guns mean less violence.

That’s like saying more drinking means less drinking and driving.  Besides, as you once taught me if you remember, violence begets violence.  And as the saying goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer then you’ll probably regard everything as a nail.

(thoughtful pause)

Look, it’s really none of my business but since you brought it up…

That’s alright, go ahead.

We’ve been friends for quite awhile now, right?

Yeah absolutely.

As a friend, I think you should be cautious.  You don’t want to become the very thing you claim to fear.  Even the best of us sometimes allow our emotions and muddled logic to drag us down the garden path, you know?  You shouldn’t let it happen to you.

You’re confusing me.  So, why is it we can’t have more guns to prevent violence and create a peaceful society where every man woman and child is armed with a gun so we can all live our lives in freedom and in fear of people with guns?

No offense, but you remind me of the story of the dog chasing its tail.

Does it involve guns?

Not directly.

Never heard of it.


No seriously, how does it go?

Well, like all stories worth pondering, the beginning may be a good place to start.