“But Professor Krugman, you do realize that the fact the European economy is on the brink of total disaster proves our theories of austerity are working and working well!”

“Well no, the facts, predictably, show the opposite.  If history has taught us anything, and it has, in times of depression what’s needed is stimulus and revenue, not austerity.  I’m sorry, but this is just basic economics 101.”

“But rich people need more yachts and I want homeless people to pay for them.”

“That’s nice.”

“Furthermore, I want the government to drown in my Baldi Rock Crystal bathtub so I can avoid paying any taxes whatsoever.”

“But if the government drowns, who will bail you out when you’re transparently ideological agenda tanks the entire economy, once again and perhaps for good?”

“Homeless people.”

“That’s nice.”