Apologies, the bread and circuses truck is running late.  Do you want some milk and cookies?

No thanks, an answer to my question will do.

And what was the question again?

Why is it that within the richest countries on the planet, overwhelmingly, it’s those with the least having to pay for those with the too much?  Why is it that in times of unprecedented wealth, schools must cut back, hospitals must cut back, and roads and bridges must crumble under the weight of willful neglect?

These are very complicated and serious issues.  I’m afraid you simply don’t understand or appreciate the complexities.

Well then I’m lucky you’re here to explain them to me.

I could try, but sadly there are things involved here you just wouldn’t get.  I get them, of course, but then I’m a serious person, a person of letters and respect.

Well mister serious person, lay out the argument.

Now I don’t blame you for not understanding.  People like you, and bless you’re hearts, are just too busy to grasp the subtleties at play.  It’s best to just leave it to us, the serious professionals, to understand.

But you’re not saying anything.  You can’t even begin to answer what should be an obvious and straightforward question.  Why should financial elites, who in large part caused the current economic crisis through sheer recklessness, continue to benefit from taxpayer bailouts while the rest of us labor off the crumbs that remain?

Say, who do you think will make the playoffs?  A thousand dollars on the Habs!


As an expert on these matters I’d advise you to move along.  There is nothing to see here.

You’re behaving like a police officer ushering me away from the scene of an accident.

I’m afraid you’ll just have to trust us, we experts, to determine what is important and what is not.  Relax.  Here, have some cookies.  No charge.

Could you be anymore condescending?

Oh sure.

Right.  Let’s try this one more time.  Why should anyone trust a failing system that continues to rely on the advice of the very people that crippled it?  And while we’re at it, does the term morality exist anywhere in your lexicon, or justice for that matter?

I’m sorry, what was that word?

M o r a l i t y.

Let me check.  Let’s see, I have markets, money, mislead, materialism, money, management, miserly, meanness, mammon, merciless, manipulation, mirage, misinformation, me, mine, money and more.  Sorry, no morality.

How about moderation.

I’m sorry, what was that word?

Never mind.

No, I’ve never heard of that word before.  And since it’s not in my official lexicon, as a professional expert serious person of letters and respect, I can assure you, it doesn’t exist.

You do realize the future you apparently toil to achieve, like your lexicon, is hopelessly abridged.

You superfluous types really amuse me.  Now, don’t forget, it’s not your place to think, we professionals will do that for you.  Wait, where are you going?

Mars.  Given our trajectory, I suspect the view will be much safer from there…