Here’s a thought.  If what appears on your television screen is any sort of cultural barometer, which of course it is, what might t.v. producers of today re-imagine from the past to fit our current climate of shallow, banal corporate intemperance?


Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting – See master painter Bob Ross humiliate post-graduate art students as they compete to become the next ultimate painter.  The stakes are high, and a no mercy rule applies.  And god bless my friends.

MASH – While our brave men and women battle the wicked red menace to protect our freedoms, the wacky doctors at the 4077 carry on about the evils of unionized labor, government regulations and public health care.  Sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show – Watch this small town girl turned reality show vixen wheel and deal her way to the top of broadcast news.  The drinks are flowing and not even her best friends’ husbands are off-limits.  How far will Mary go to satisfy her boundless desires and lust for power?  Tune in to find out, if you dare!  Sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

The Waltons – Witness the first family of fracking battle those small town environmental radicals in the race to plunder the black gold of Walton’s Mountain.  It’s good night John Boy in this winner takes all fight to the finish.  Is greed good?  “Hell yes son!”, says Grandpa Walton.  Sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Cruelty Towards the Environment, and the National Rifle Association.


Coming soon to the History Channel.  That’s right, the History Channel.