10. Politicians who think it’s a grand idea to defund such things as the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Science for fear they would produce, ironically, valuable information on climate, the environment and atmospheric science. Welcome to Canada, circa fifth century A.D.

9. People over the age of 25 who walk around wearing UFC or Sons of Anarchy t-shirts. I’m sorry, would you like some milk and cookies?

8. Politicians who blissfully fire 70% of climate scientists after they slash 30% of the operating budget from Parks Canada.  It must be comforting to know Ted Nugent is advising us on how to manage our environment.

7. People who write songs entitled I Love You So I Told You a LieRaw Dogs and War Hogs, and Kiss My Ass. What? Our environment minister has been writing songs for Ted Nugent?

6. Politicians who, in spite of advice from the vast majority of scientists and several previous Fisheries Ministers, decide to dramatically scale back oversight and regulation of the Canadian fisheries. Their logic?  Hey, since fish are brain food, they’re smart enough to regulate themselves, unlike politicians.

5. Politicians from Toronto who take to the airwaves Rush Limbaugh style to describe journalists as pricks, or scum, or a bunch of maggots. Lesson number two: don’t get high on your own supply.

4. People who salivate over the progressively melting ice in Greenland since it would offer us the singular opportunity to create the world’s largest golf resort and country club. The moral of the corporate mindset: If the Titanic is sinking, might as well book the executive suite on the uppermost deck…

3. People who believe CNN, NBC or Fox news are still the vanguards for corporate misinformation and infotainment. What? The CBC isn’t available in your area?

2. People who make fun of the CBC. In these troubled economic times, it’s not fair to deny multi-millionaires and billionaires access to a public broadcast vehicle to peddle their wares and brands, at taxpayer expense.

1. Politicians who insist that the Alberta Tar Sands are as harmless and refreshing as a pail full of kittens.  What?  Ted Nugent is writing talking points for Joe Oliver?  Well, I Love You So I Told You a Lie.