I’m sorry, the bread and circuses bus was running late again.  What was the question?

I was wondering.  Have you noticed that, overwhelmingly, it’s those with the least that are paying, both economically and environmentally, for the indulgences of those with the too much.  Why is that?

That’s an astute observation and an interesting point of departure for sure, but I’m afraid you simply don’t understand or appreciate the complexities such a question entails.

Could you elaborate?

I could try, but sadly it involves an understanding simply beyond your grasp.  I get it, of course, but that’s because I’m a serious person, or as Paul Krugman puts it, a Very Serious Person.  Just think of me as the adult in the room, as they say.

I’d rather not.

Now I don’t blame you for you’re lack of understanding.  People like you, and bless you’re hearts, are just too busy to comprehend the vast tapestry of human affairs woven by us, the experts, for the benefit of the little people.  Just relax and leave it to us to do the important thinking.

I see.  But shouldn’t we all stop, take a deep breath and tug on those threads together to unravel some truth for all our sake?  In the end, issues from inequality to the environment affect us all.

Say, who do you pick to make the playoffs?  My money’s on Pittsburgh.  


As an expert on these matters my advice to you is just move along now.  Here, have some milk and cookies, half price.

Could you be anymore condescending?

Oh sure.

I believe you.  OK, let’s try this.  Within the vast lexicon of your so-called expertise, does the word morality appear anywhere?

I’m sorry, what was that word?

M o r a l i t y.

Let me check.  Let’s see, I have markets, money, mislead, materialism, money, management, miserly, meanness, Mammon, merciless, manipulation, mirage, misinformation, me, mine, money and more.  Sorry, no morality.

How about moderation?

I’m sorry, what was that word?

Never mind.  You do realize at the rate we’re going the future you’re frantically toiling to achieve, like your lexicon, is hopelessly abridged.

You superfluous types are just too funny!  Don’t worry, be happy.  Wait, where are you going?

Mars.  Given our trajectory, I suspect the view will be much safer from there.

(long pause)

Wait for me!