Once again here’s an interesting and informative clip, which I had to re-post for technical reasons, of historian Howard Zinn describing his own experience with the concept of aggression as it pertains to war, and the often used presumption that violence is simply part of human nature.

But as Zinn thoughtfully explains, apologists for violence, and there’s no shortage of those these days, would not have to resort to propaganda to condition and seduce people to go to war, which historically has always been the case, if in fact that were true. Instead, they would simply rely on people jumping at the chance to act out their innate tendencies for violence.

So the average person does not arrive at this desire for war from an internal process of reasoning.  More precisely, it is imposed on them by external pressures that cynically wish to profit from that aggression by selling them the very things that, absent such pressure, they would under normal circumstances choose to avoid.