The trees they gather to honor their own

With blue skies, bird song, water and stone

While the mighty have fallen, the many have grown

Reflections of nature, her reverence is sown


Her soul it withers where the rivers don’t flow

Where songbirds cease their wistful chime

What’s not been sown will never grow

In faraway woods of distant rhyme


Yet silence bears witness to waters so deep

Like moonbeams shining into the night

As mother nature rises from misty sleep

Into the dawn of wisdom’s light


Every river shares her story

Morning whispers in woodlands deep

Misty tales of nature’s glory

Wistful rhymes for all to reap


Speak to us your words sublime

As silent spirits fill the air

Across the waters of emerald shine

Her wisdom calling for all to share


Gently whispers the hidden light

In the garden of evening song

Peaceful vistas into the night

By the lake where we belong


In the sacred garden where silence speaks truth

To our madness unbounded, so thoughtless aloof

But her wisdom she rises, together so high

Between lofty wonders, touching the sky


Beneath the vastness of lofty spaces

The waters whisper to earthen skies

While silence speaks in sacred places

Upon the lake her spirits rise


Deep in the forest

The hidden light will seek

The silence between the ebb and flow

The peace of shadow creek


Beneath the woodland garden

Lofty spirits speak

Whispers sacred wisdom

In the shade of shadow creek


In the sheltered woods

The hidden light did seek

This silence between the ebb and flow

Home of shadow creek


Beneath the dawn of early light

Morning gifts as eyes awake

As nature teaches together unite

In giving more than we take

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