Dawn paints her silent muse

From dreams in the night

Awaken on the path we choose

In the solace of morning light


Through the garden of wonders where love remains true

As mother earth reminds us of who teaches who

Ancient her wisdom, our calling to renew

In this garden of wonders where love remains true


Spring waters flowing

Through the forest of new light

On the journey to sacred places

Into the solace of the night


Gentle winds caressing

The fading evening light

When nature speaks her silent muse

And whispers to the night


All is quiet on the lake

Peaceful wistful wise

As nature reaps her silent muse

Beneath the harvest skies


Deep in the forest when nature speaks

Quiet the wisdom the wisest will reap


Beneath rolling thunder when nature speaks

Echoes of mother earth, in silence she weeps


But new dawns beckon when nature speaks

Arise from our slumber with wonders to seek


The mist is rising

On the path ahead

Upon wayward sails

Of souls misled


The earth she whispers

Words to the wise

To remember the sacred

And open our eyes


In the future before us

On the path ahead

Only fools speak hatred

Speak love instead


For My Father (1933-2017)