As madness surrounds us

Stealing its toll

Go to evergreen gardens

And nurture the soul



It’s a rare dawn that speaks sublime

When earth is calling to hear her rhyme

Of peaceful wonders, a moment in time

With natures’ song that speaks sublime


Thirsty roots gather in the forest below

The wind surrenders to a gentle breeze

Rivers rejoice the waters they flow

As summer rain dances through the trees


Wisdom trees speak to the waters below

Spirits of the forest together they rise

Evergreen whispers in misty morning glow

Awakens as one into sacred skies


Earth and sky together as one

Scent of evergreens on the breeze

Softly dancing in the sun

As summer beckons beneath the trees


Where have we wandered on paths unknown?

Of fallow hearts left unsown


In nature’s garden what have we grown?

Of all we borrow but never own


Can we listen, redeem atone?

To mother nature, the earth our home


While silence whispers her wisdom sown

Through misty woods on paths unknown


Forgotten are the simple things, like roots of evergreen woods

Woven back to earth beneath the golden sun

When night reveals a peaceful dawn, remains of nature’s song