A kiss of morning light nurtures the day

Evergreens and soft light as mother earth shines

Touching the sky nature beckons the way

As songbirds serenade her wistful rhyme



Let’s go to evergreen waters

Where enchantment resides

Amidst the wise things, the peaceful things

Nature’s mystery provides





Dusky calm in peaceful woods

Across the waters blue

Gentle whispers homeward on

In silence passing through



Deep in the forest when nature speaks

Quiet the wisdom the wisest will reap


Beneath rolling thunder when nature speaks

Echoes of mother earth, in silence she weeps


But new dawns beckon when nature speaks

Arise from our slumber with wonders to seek


Gentle is the morning light

In the garden of earthly guise

Greets the dawn from weary night

And awakes through nature’s eyes