The ancient waters beckoned

Follow me and we will find

The promises of yesterday

In memories left behind





As nightfall surrenders, a new dawn begins

Woven from dreamscapes of what’s never been

As songbirds awaken the deep light within

In the light of a new day, a new dawn begins


Forgotten are the simple things, like roots of evergreen woods

Woven back to earth beneath the golden sun

When night reveals a peaceful dawn, remains of nature’s song


Away from the city, the glare of glossy machines

The trees whispered secrets, silent subtle serene


No thoughtless gazes into hollow abysses

No flights of fancy, so fleeting and vicious


Just breathing the beauty of all nature brings

Embraced in the shelter of peaceful things


Let’s meet in the garden, the elders they speak

Of memories of good things we once sought to seek

A bounty of wisdom, a harvest so deep

Let’s meet in the garden, and share what we reap