In silent moments and sacred places

The waters whisper to evergreen skies

Where nature paints between the spaces

A harvest of wisdom that never lies


Morning echoes across the lake

Sounds of songbirds her woodland chimes

Shadows surrender the forest awakes

And weaves her timeless tranquil rhymes


A quiet walk among the trees

Between the shadows the welcome sight

Of silent fields and summer breeze

In the forest deep of dancing light


Wings of autumn upon the trail

Wither gently beneath the trees

As silence beckons beyond the veil

Softly dancing on the breeze


Evergreen wonders

Together they rise

And whisper across

The woodland skies


We are one among many, not one above all

No masters of all things audacious or small


Yet we flatter ourselves, we of clever design

So processed and packaged, polished and primed


But under the trees lies the roots of true worth

Steeped in her wisdom, bound deep to the earth