It’s morning on the lake

Rising mist reveals the sacred

Songbirds sunlight reflections rebirth

Nature’s soliloquy, poems from the earth


In the sheltered forest of emerald shade

The trees are dancing, sharing the sun

Embraced by daylight, which soon will fade

In the sheltered forest, together as one


Deep in the forest of moonlit skies

Shadows dancing to the fire

Silence she sings into the night

Songs of mother earth, nature’s choir


Deep in the forest the woodlands they sleep

With dreams of summer fields sheltered beneath

Within winter’s solace, her promise to keep

These dreams of summer fields sheltered beneath


Sunbeams dancing through the trees

Behold her mysteries unveil

As nature wanders the gentle breeze

Along the wisdom trail


As madness surrounds us

Stealing its toll

Go to evergreen gardens

And nurture the soul


Gentle winds caressing

The fading evening light

When nature speaks her silent muse

And whispers to the night


All is quiet on the lake

Peaceful wistful wise

As nature reaps her silent muse

Beneath the harvest skies


You can’t lead the world to water

You can’t even make it think

While deep this chalice of wisdom

So shallow the cup we drink


But behind our flights of fancy

Beyond our hollow conceits

Awaits the garden of wonder

From this chalice so wise and deep


Just a walk through the forest

On a warm summers day

With blue skies and gentle breeze

Dancing through the trees


The trees they gather to honor their own

With blue skies, bird song, water and stone

While the mighty have fallen, the many have grown

Reflections of nature, her reverence is sown