In the sacred garden where silence speaks truth

To our madness unbounded so thoughtless aloof

But her wisdom she rises together so high

Between lofty wonders touching the sky


Wisdom trees speak to the waters below

Spirits of the forest together they rise

Evergreen whispers in misty morning glow

Awakens as one into sacred skies


Let’s go to evergreen waters

Where enchantment resides

Amidst the wise things, the peaceful things

Nature’s mystery provides


Love is the way mother earth declares

Upon the gentle breeze

Shining softly in morning light

Beneath the wisdom trees


Sunbeams dancing through the trees

Behold her mysteries unveil

As nature wanders the gentle breeze

Along the wisdom trail


Deep in the forest

Where stars shine so bright

Not far from the embers

That glow in the night


By the sacred fire

We gather to learn

What fools never fathom

The wisest will yearn


But speak not a word

For words would not do

Mother earth beckons softly

Her silence is true


A walk in the forest

Along the winding trail

In the company of simple things

Our madness conceals


Surrounded by silence

Along the winding trail

Nurtured by nature

A wisdom that heals


Beneath lofty wonders

Along the winding trail

We surrender to mother earth

Her mystery reveals