Summer waters flowing

Through the forest of morning light

Weaving a sacred journey

Into the solace of the night




Where the forest dances and the rivers sing

To the woods we gather the promise of spring


On faraway trails beneath the trees

Of evergreen sweet and earthen breeze


So to the woods we gather this promise of spring

Where the songbirds laugh and the rivers sing


Deep in the forest

Where stars shine so bright

Not far from the embers

That glow in the night


By the sacred fire

We gather to learn

What fools never fathom

The wisest will yearn


But speak not a word

For words would not do

The earth beckons softly

Her silence is true


After the rain

On a summers’ day

We whisper with nature

What words can’t say


Her wisdom is silence

If we listen in kind

The path is before us

Her mysteries to find


Wings of autumn upon the trail

Wither gently beneath the trees

As silence beckons beyond the veil

Softly dancing on the breeze


As waters whisper a timeless muse

The earth embraces the morning shine

The light of nature we can’t refuse

Through the woods of peaceful rhyme


Moments of silence, wisdom for the soul

Peaceful reflections into the night

Surrounded by darkness, yet stars rise above

And shine on down her giving light


Where the river flows through silent veils

In the sheltered forest her spirits rise

On hidden waters and forgotten trails

Beneath the shade of sacred skies


Dusky calm in peaceful woods

Across the waters blue

Gentle whispers homeward bound

In silence passing through