Spring waters flowing

Through the forest of new light

On the journey to sacred places

Into the solace of the night


Whisper waters dance in the misty moonlight glow

Sharing secrets to the night between the ebb and flow

Embrace me closer, be not afraid, speaks wisdom from below

Through the forest of ancient muse, upon the river we go




Her soul it withers where the rivers don’t flow

Where songbirds cease their wistful chime

What’s not been sown will never grow

In the unknown woods of fading rhyme


Yet silence bears witness to waters so deep

Like moonbeams shining into the night

As mother nature arises from weary sleep

Into the dawn of wisdom’s light



Away from the city, the glare of glossy machines

The trees whispered secrets, silent subtle serene


No thoughtless gazes into hollow abysses

No flights of fancy, so fleeting and vicious


Just breathing the beauty of all nature brings

Embraced in the shelter of peaceful things



With fading light still aglow as daylight descends

The waters whispered follow me, together we’ll transcend

Light your fires, embrace the night, and I’ll answer you in kind

Spoke the waters of sweet repose, adrift in peace of mind