Her peaceful rhymes sacred and true

The river awakens and dances anew



Through the heart of the forest

Beneath the morning sun

The misty silence ever beckons

Run river run


Ever flowing eternal wise

Ancient wisdom since time begun

Gently dancing to the skies

Run river run


Starlit wonders of moonless nights

Come together as one

Like woven embers of sacred fires

Run river run


Did the river song sing softly

Tears of wisdom flowing by

Wistful journey in the sun

Did my sonnets make you cry


Did the sacred earth tremble

Heave a heavy sigh

Beneath your feet of clay

My lessons you deny


So speaks her heart to yours

She cannot tell a lie

Listen to the river song

Embrace her hue and cry


The ancient waters beckoned

Follow me and we will find

The promises of yesterday

In memories left behind