Deep in the forest of moonlit skies

Shadows dancing to the fire

Silence she sings into the night

Songs of mother earth, nature’s choir



The trees whispered softly

All is one not asunder

Bathed in the sunshine

Of her deep breath wonder


Light your fires she declares

And transcend fading light

For yesterday was dawn

Today is night


With fading light still aglow as daylight descends

The waters whispered follow me, together we’ll transcend

Light your fires, embrace the night, and I’ll answer you in kind

On the waters of sweet repose, adrift in peace of mind


Deep in the forest when nature speaks

Quiet the wisdom the wisest will reap


Beneath rolling thunder when nature speaks

Echoes of mother earth, in silence she weeps


But new dawns beckon when nature speaks

Arise from our slumber with wonders to seek


Woodland spirits gather the night

And scatter upon the breeze

Whispers softly the giving light

To earth the sky the trees


Gently whispers the hidden light

In the garden of evening song

Peaceful vistas into the night

By the lake where we belong


Let’s paint the night with sacred light

Between the earth and sky

And greet the dawn to see anew

And learn through nature’s eyes