Gently whispers the hidden light

In the garden of evening song

Peaceful vistas into the night

By the lake where we belong


In the sacred garden where silence speaks truth

To our madness unbounded, so thoughtless aloof

But her wisdom she rises, together so high

Between lofty wonders, touching the sky


Beneath the vastness of lofty spaces

The waters whisper to earthen skies

While silence speaks in sacred places

Upon the lake her spirits rise


Simple are the quiet moments

Woven in the sun

When the forest rests, stars awake

And the rivers softly run


Simple are these sacred moments

When the daylight is done

This tapestry of natures’ song

Woven in the sun


All is quiet on whisper lake

As moonbeams rise in fading light

Between the shadows spirits awake

Upon the journey into the night


Peaceful is the evening light

The forest shines as one

On the path into the night

Dancing in the sun


Soft the wind that greets the night

When woodland spirits soon will wake

Fleeting is this evening light

That awaits us here on nightfall lake


Here in the woods

Where the wisest things grow

From the roots of mother earth

To the seeds that we sow


But how far from the forgotten

Have we strayed so long ago?

With twilight casting shadows

On the wayward ones below


While mother earth whispers wisdom

For all who need to know

That it’s here in the woods

Where the wisest things grow