Soft the wind that greets the night

When woodland spirits soon will wake

Fleeting is this evening light

That awaits us here on nightfall lake


Woodland spirits gather the night

And scatter upon the breeze

Whispers softly the giving light

To earth the sky the trees


In silent moments and sacred places

The waters whisper to evergreen skies

Where nature paints between the spaces

A harvest of wisdom that never lies


There’s peace in the woods in the valley of dusk

Of evergreen breeze the scent of divine

The forest embraces the solace of night

As moonlight she waits to cast her shine


In light of the absurd depths to which our species willingly descend to obscure reason, defile the earth to achieve power for its own sake, subjugating all living impediments opposing this myopic pursuit, building impenetrable institutions designed to exalt and protect the smallest minds among us behind their gated walls and nonsensical litigious fictions serving only the material world on the hamster wheel of our endless human parade…

I wonder, perhaps in retrospect it would have been wiser to be satisfied with the discovery of fire, and called it a day.


Peaceful is the evening light

The forest shines as one

On the path into the night

Dancing in the sun


Simple are the quiet moments

Woven in the sun

When the forest rests, stars awake

And the rivers softly run


Simple are these sacred moments

When the daylight is done

This tapestry of natures’ song

Woven in the sun


Deep in the forest of moonlit skies

Shadows dancing to the fire

Silence she sings into the night

Songs of mother earth, nature’s choir


Feeling the earth beneath our feet

While the fading light she clings

Breathing her nectar so subtle and sweet

In the silence that softly sings


Nature her solace, has no time for deceit

With the lessons her wisdom brings

At peace in the garden of earthly retreat

In this silence that softly sings