Across sacred waters

Rising from her sleep

With wonders to be written

And mysteries to seek



The mist is rising

On the path ahead

Upon wayward journeys

Of souls misled


The earth she whispers

Words to the wise

To honor the sacred

And open our eyes


To the future before us

On the path ahead

Where only fools speak hatred

Speak love instead


See the poem behind her eyes

Unveil to us your light that shines


Feel the earth her peaceful guise

And sing to us eternal rhymes


Hear the forest the spirits rise

As waters whisper to evergreen skies


Deep in the forest of moonlit skies

Shadows are dancing to the fire

Silence she sings to the wise

Songs of mother earth, nature’s choir


Through the heart of the forest

Beneath the morning sun

The misty silence ever beckons

Run river run


Ever flowing eternal wise

Ancient wisdom since time begun

Gently dancing to the skies

Run river run


Starlit wonders of moonless nights

Come together as one

Like woven embers of sacred fires

Run river run