A quiet walk among the trees

Between the shadows the welcome sight

Of silent fields and summer breeze

In the forest deep of dancing light


One with the forest that drinks of the lake

One with the lake that speaks to the sky

One with the sky that shelters the waters

One with the earth that shelters us all


Those elusive places to free your mind

Dance on the margins of the pages

Like living memories we leave behind

So wistful sweet, hallowed and ageless


Are here by the lake, woven in time

In the waters and moonlight sages

These harbors of nature, these masters of rhyme

So wistful sweet, hallowed and ageless


Deep in the forest

The hidden light will seek

The silence between the ebb and flow

The peace of shadow creek


Beneath the woodland garden

Lofty spirits speak

Whispers sacred wisdom

In the shade of shadow creek


In the sheltered woods

The hidden light did seek

This silence between the ebb and flow

Home of shadow creek


It’s sundown in the forest

The earth beholds her day

Greets the night in fading light

No illusions to betray


In the sacred hour

When nature speaks no lies

Beside the fire we hear her choir

Beneath the ember skies


‘Do our roots no longer nourish them’

Said the forest to the tree

‘Do their hands no longer touch the sky

Do eyes no longer see?’


‘Do our waters no longer whisper’

Said the river to the stream

‘Do their ears no longer hear the wind

Do minds no longer dream?’


‘My children no longer listen’

Said the earth to the sky

As moonbeams pondered lightly

Adrift in hue and cry


But from the earth our love was born

She teaches us to learn

And to the earth until we mourn

Our love it will return