Simple are the quiet moments

Woven in the sun

When the forest rests, stars awake

And the rivers softly run


Simple are these sacred moments

When the daylight is done

This tapestry of natures’ song

Woven in the sun


In a world driven faster by minds made too small

No rest for the weary, the dreary banal


Must the earth tremble, resigned to her fate

While we wander in circles, no time for debate


But love lives in nature, our true clarion call

Through the trees lives a light that shines above all


Just a walk through the forest

On a warm summers day

With blue skies and gentle breeze

Dancing through the trees


There’s none wiser

Than silence that speaks

Spoken in whispers

Ancient and deep


In quiet reflection

We find what we seek

Whispers the wisdom

Of silence that speaks


Blue skies and summer fields

Fills the soul like gentle breeze

Through nature’s eyes she’ll reveal

This sacred stillness beneath the trees


After the rain

On a summers’ day

We whisper with nature

What words can’t say


Her wisdom is silence

If we listen in kind

The path is before us

Her mysteries to find