Summer waters whisper beneath the woodland trail

Through the woods we wander, her mysteries unveil

The wisdom of mother earth, revealing the proof

That love lives in nature, in nature lives truth



Deep in the forest of moonlit skies

Shadows dancing to the fire

Silence she sings into the night

Songs of mother earth, nature’s choir


Wisdom trees speak to the waters below

Spirits of the forest together they rise

Evergreen whispers in misty morning glow

Awakens as one into sacred skies


The trees whispered softly

All is one not asunder

Bathed in the sunshine

Of her deep breath wonder


Light your fires she declares

And transcend fading light

For yesterday was dawn

Today is night


Her peaceful rhymes sacred and true

The river awakens and dances anew


Ever long is winter’s song, along forgotten trails

Bold and sweet is spring’s conceit, to wake from her travails

Warm and wise are nature’s eyes, as summer skies unveil

In a place where wisdom awaits and mother earth prevails