Simple are the quiet moments

Woven in the sun

When the forest rests, stars awake

And the rivers softly run


Simple are these sacred moments

When the daylight is done

This tapestry of natures’ song

Woven in the sun


Soft the wind that greets the night

When woodland spirits soon will wake

Fleeting is this evening light

That awaits us here on nightfall lake


Blue skies and summer fields

Fills the soul like gentle breeze

Through nature’s eyes she’ll reveal

This sacred stillness beneath the trees


Woodland spirits gather the night

And scatter upon the breeze

Whispers softly the giving light

To earth the sky the trees


Can we listen to the waters

Hear the woodlands speak

Open our eyes to the skies

See our follies and deceits


Can we learn from the stars

Ever straining out of reach

Like the sharp edges of truth

Always hurt, before they teach


Can we listen to the sounds of wisdom

The wind through the trees

Open our eyes to the skies

Begin again to see


Beneath the dawn of early light

Morning gifts as eyes awake

As nature teaches together unite

In giving more than we take


Deep in the forest

The hidden light will seek

The silence between the ebb and flow

The peace of shadow creek


Beneath the woodland garden

Lofty spirits speak

Whispers sacred wisdom

In the shade of shadow creek


In the sheltered woods

The hidden light did seek

This silence between the ebb and flow

Home of shadow creek