The mist is rising

On the path ahead

Upon wayward journeys

Of souls misled


The earth she whispers

Words to the wise

To honor the sacred

And open our eyes


To the future before us

On the path ahead

Where only fools speak hatred

Speak love instead



Summer waters whisper beneath the woodland trail

Through the woods we wander, her mysteries unveil

The wisdom of mother earth, reveals the proof

That love lives in nature, in nature lives truth


Sunbeams dancing through the trees

Behold her mysteries unveil

As nature wanders the gentle breeze

Along the wisdom trail


A walk in the forest

Along the winding trail

In the company of simple things

Our madness conceals


Surrounded by silence

Along the winding trail

Nurtured by nature

A wisdom that heals


Beneath lofty wonders

Along the winding trail

We surrender to mother earth

Her mystery reveals