Let’s go to evergreen waters

Where enchantment resides

Amidst the wise things, the peaceful things

Nature’s mystery provides



Behind the veil of silence

Where the whisper waters speak

Of the mystery and the beauty

Of shallow stone creek


Free from the cold of a winter’s day

Songbirds sing sweetly above in the trees

Catching the sun from far and away

Old friends gather, in the soft summer breeze


Once a free spirit

Dancing in the wind

Now a restful soul

A lofty wisdom within


So many a season

Many a life have lived

Elder of the forest

Giving all there was to give


Now a final gift of sunlight

The never ending trust

To honor these living memories

And gather your dust



A quiet walk among the trees

Between the shadows a welcome sight

Of silent fields and summer breeze

In the forest deep of dancing light


Sitting by the fire, it’s nightfall in the woods

Drinking in the moonshine, imbibing nature’s goods

Elusive are these moments, in the gentle evening breeze

Just sitting by the fire, in the forest for the trees


On the summer trail to better days ahead

The forest awakens and dances anew

Shadows of winter have long since fled

And the promises of spring shine on through


In silent moments and sacred places

The waters whisper to evergreen skies

Where nature paints between the spaces

A harvest of wisdom that never lies