The trees they gather to honor their own

With blue skies, bird song, water and stone

While the mighty have fallen, the many have grown

Reflections of nature, her reverence is sown


Every river shares her story

Morning whispers in woodlands deep

Misty tales of nature’s glory

Wistful rhymes for all to reap


Speak to us your words sublime

As silent spirits fill the air

Across the waters of emerald shine

Her wisdom calling for all to share


You can’t lead the world to water

You can’t even make it think

While deep this chalice of wisdom

So shallow the cup we drink


But behind our flights of fancy

Beyond our hollow conceits

Awaits the garden of wonder

From this chalice so wise and deep


There’s wisdom in the choices

Our measure of true worth

If we listen to her sacred voices

These whispers from the earth


Let’s go to evergreen waters

Where enchantment resides

Amidst the wise things, the peaceful things

Nature’s mystery provides


Through the heart of the forest

Beneath the morning sun

The misty silence ever beckons

Run river run


Ever flowing eternal wise

Ancient wisdom since time begun

Gently dancing to the skies

Run river run


Starlit wonders of moonless nights

Come together as one

Like woven embers of sacred fires

Run river run