It’s morning on the lake

As the living forest rises with the sun

Like a harmony

Woven together to greet the new day


Earth and sky together as one

Scent of evergreen on the breeze

Softly swaying in the sun

As summer beckons beneath the trees



Ever long is winter’s song, along forgotten trails

Bold and sweet is spring’s conceit, to wake from her travails

Warm and wise are nature’s eyes, as summer skies unveil

In a place where wisdom awaits and mother earth prevails


There’s wisdom in the choices

Our measure of true worth

If we listen to her sacred voices

These whispers from the earth


Gentle winds caressing

The fading evening light

When nature speaks her silent muse

And whispers to the night


All is quiet on the lake

Peaceful wistful wise

As nature reaps her silent muse

Beneath the harvest skies